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Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything
Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything

Cobra Spinnerbait V2.0 (Broadhead Blade)

Original price $11.99 - Original price $11.99
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$11.99 - $11.99
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Based on our tried and true Cobra spinnerbait, the Cobra V2.0 has been completely reimagined to introduce custom "Broadhead" blades. With their distinctive "Thumping" action, Broadhead blades are designed to be fished slowly, acting as a dinner bell to call in the finickiest Northern Snakeheads. The Cobra V2.0 features snakehead grade components that are overbuilt for most other species of fish! Featuring premium components such as a custom realistic jighead built on a heavy duty 6/0 hook with a wire bait keeper and hand-tied skirt, this spinnerbait is guaranteed to outfish, outperform, and outlast all others on the market!

 Blade Finishes:

  • Snek Flash: Double Nickel
  • Highlighter: Small blade- Gold, Large Blade Nickel
  • Blue Magic: Double Black Nickel
  • Firefly: Double Gold
  • Gold Mine: Double Gold
  • Flamingo: Small blade Nickel, Large Blade Gold

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