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Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything
Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything

Cole 3/0

Original price $6.75 - Original price $6.75
Original price
$6.75 - $6.75
Current price $6.75

Weight: 3/8 oz

Blade: French Size 3

Hook: EWG (3/0)

Less Metal, MORE Lure.

A 'Finesse' approach to spinnerbait fishing, the Cole is designed to give you maximal water coverage. Outcast others with ease and reach those deeper fish easier; the Cole will help you cover water to find where the fish are hiding!

The streamline profile provides versatility, allowing anglers to fish in a variety of ways to help you fool the fish: jigging, stop and go, jerking/twitching, slow-go and steady retrieves have all been used for success on the Cole.

Ideal for 'searching' and covering water, fishing banks, grass edges, drop-offs and along structure.

Pair your favorite trailer and the Cole will come to 'life' with a 'weedless' presentation!

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