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Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything
Fathers Day Sale 25% OFF Everything

Bacon SSR

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$17.99 - $17.99
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Weight 5/16 oz.

Length 2″

Depth 12 – 18 inches

The Black Label Balsa – Bacon SSR – Crankbait is hand crafted and painted by MLF Pro Tour Angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace. The Bacon SSR is built with a circuit board thumbnail bill. The Bacon SSR is a great bait for fishing all the skinny water.

Perfect for fishing shallow flats and over the top of submerged vegetation. It is an excellent choice when you want a small profile body without an overly strong vibration making it perfect for clearer water and highly pressured fish.

The Black Label Balsa Bacon SSR has a very natural swimming action and is everything you could want in a small flat sided SSR style balsa crankbait. Weighing in at 5/16 oz. , it is easy to cast and has a semi tight fast action.

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